Fear is talking In my head consulting But my innervoice it says That I’m falling, I’m falling Could you be the pillow That solves this problem Sometimes I want to Close my eyes and trust you But my innervoice it says That… Read More


Small groove thing invades my veins Soul deserts and leaves this chain Here she’s coming to me Revolver excludes this community Small groove thing take off my chains Hoover will soften my pain Here she’s coming to you Floating on a white caribou Small… Read More


And through all Alex’s wondrous Childhood he would honour and obey Love and watch the lovely maiden On whose gentle arms he just lay All men all must be mild obedient All men all must be mild obedient As good as he And through… Read More


Suffocate your love In a barrel full of doubt Suffocate your love North, east and south Here I stand In front of your imagination Here I stand… Hesitate, it’s normal You can’t erase mistakes Hesitate, it’s normal I can’t keep awake Here… Read More

Nr 9

Saw her first a few months ago Spacing in Vienna – Oversea cargo Saw her in the mirror She has a stupid name Maybe I’m too honest Friendly in an arrogant way Saturday evening she gave me her number I’ve lost it already she awakens… Read More


Clouds, herbs and art Rotating love through time Tears after overkill Reversing all my love Clouds, herbs and art Rotating love through time Tears after overkill Reversing all my love Nunca le preocupa lo que puede pasarle a su hijo Aunque las cosas… Read More


Something’s changing, Growing in your mind Can’t do a thing ‘bout it Living a normal life Barabas… Can’t remember The first light Must have been something enormous I’d give anything to travel into time Barabas… Must have been something Something enormous Something… Read More

Plus Profond

It enters your veins It enters your soul It tries to obsess you It looks for defaults Try not to lose not to lose control Try not to lose not to lose control It tries to destroy you It tries to tear you down… Read More


Tell me baby where did you sleep last night I heard noises in the cupboard were you trying to hide Because you should know How much I hate this If you were I’ll hit your hiding place Until sunrise And I’m falling in love… Read More


Prophet 60091 This is the flight number of our galactic sun Prophet 60091 Before we start you should know that you’re not the only one Who can hurt me SH10151 This is the serial number of our orbital gun SH10151 You better be… Read More